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Perfomance Analisys

We work for making you reach defined results and to maintain them in the time. Our tools, as for example the business intelligence system of PharmaGundam, analyze your activities and provide to give you the best solutions.


Human Resources Development

We help to grow up and optimize your most valuable asset (human reasources) sustaining and motivating them. We valorize the people strengthening their competences and their alignment to the project of enterprise.

Strategic Positioning

We help you to understand why the client “choose you” and loyaltize him in permanent way. The strategic positioning is the first step toward the realization of your strategy and the enterprise vision.


Sales training

We train your staff to communicate in effective way. Our sales and negotiation training courses are result-oriented, they are applying on the field and measurable.

Business Development

We develop the sales with an ethical and sustainable approach. We support your company to increase the sales and to define the best commercial strategy for your organization, your staff and your market.


Procedures and organization

The “Who does what” it represents the key for the growth of a firm. We follow you from the analysis up to the optimization of the procedures and the organization of the job of your team.

We are a group of consultant, companies and professionals that daily works in team for the sector of the Healthcare. Every consultant is specialized and has competences in the negotiation, in the organization and in the development in the worlds of the health and wellness. We help the company to growing up, to increase the sales and to acquire new clients.

We use powerful technologies integrates as well with the principal ERP to measure the performances and to increase results and to optimize the procedures.

Healthcare Development was born with the vocation for the development of the human resources applied to the sale and the commercial and organizational development.
All of our services are I yield of a continuous search that aims to make to evolve the Healthcare (the health’s care!), with a great attention toward the people.

We like to work on results and objectives bringing the clients to grow and to migliorare.le their knowledges and competences. We are specialized in the circles that put to the center the good and the care of the individual. Let’s do him/it through professionals that know the languages, the problem list and the specifications of every sector.

Analysis Organizzative Performance:
Vision and Strategic Positioning:
Business Organization:
Sales and Educational NegotiationTraining:
Training Customer Care and Customer recovery:
Integrated Commercial development:
Up-Cross-Deep Selling:
Acquisition and development new clients - NBPlan:
Business Intelligence Analysis:
Trade marketing and events:
The human resources management:
The human resources development:



Our services have as a goal to help the company in the world of the Heatlhcare to grown up and to developing. Our services are characterized for their application in the practice and in the single and specific contexts. We work for reaching results setting us with the company our clients, measurable objective in the time.

It chooses us who wants to reach results, to define the strategic and commercial positioning and to define the strategy to reach the procedures to apply them.

It chooses us who wants to increase the sales, to organize the job, to develop the human resources to line up the organization to the business vision to the attainment of objectives.

It chooses us who wants to turn the ideas into results. Whoever chooses us it believes that the future


With the arrival of the new drugs and the “expiry of the patent” on proprietary drugs for cheap generic drugs to become available the market has an important distributive and cultural challenges. The traditional models are not enough for facing the new challenges anymore.


The skincare market is in constantly growth, but as all the mature market need to be more specialized. To unite the aesthetics and the luxury with a scientific approach and physician will be the challenge most important for professionalizzare the sector.

Food supplements - Herbal drugs

To support the growth of this sector and the application of health and prevention needs to organize and to line up the people to the own vision. Being leader in the distribution through partnership with his/her own clients will do the difference.


From “suppliers of products” to health and prevention consultant, the challenge, for the pharmacies, it plays him on the ability to specialize. To do this they needs training programs to organize the job and you orchestrate useful the change to become leader of the new private health.

Health-food Store

The revolution of the distributive channels, for the health-food store it is the moment to understand how to become protagonists in the guardianship and of the education of the client to the comfort and the health. The client is changed and the herbalist has the possibility to occur again.

Medical SPA e Resort

The key words of this market are and they will be the commercial sustainability of the model of enterprise and integration with physician-scientific elements, in the the light of all the new and continuous discoveries within the wellness and the health.

Pharmacy clinic

Pharmacy Clinics will embrace the task to develop a culture of prevention and wellbeing if they wish to ensure their place in a fascinating and challenging market with a high ethical characteristics.

Professional studies

For the professional studies learn how to work in team and being able to promote their own professionalism to be choose from the patients will be the new challenge. It is necessary to develop a based model of ethical and sustainable medicine on the prevention

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