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By your side,
for an ethical and sustainable enterprise.

Consulting. The consultation for us is the most effective way to place side by side you to help your staff and your organization to improve him in the time. It means to be beside you to find and to adopt the best solutions for your business. We help you to share with your objective staff and business vision. Our methodology, the Ethnotraining ©, allows to decline in every context working practices and systems in natural and effective way. We facilitate the processes of growth and business reorganization departing from the vision and from the strategic and commercial positioning of your enterprise within the health, of the prevention and of the wellness.

Formation. We support you with experience driving you and your staff in the moments of change and improvement. The continuous formation, the training and the exercise are the elements that guarantee to a firm to get results in the time and to maintain the conquered positions.  We facilitate the processes of motivation and change and of professional growth taking care of desires and objectives of every individual. We are specialized in runs of formation personalized, effective and directed to the result. Negotiation, sale, quality of the service leadership and management are more often the in demand runs and implemented with our clients.

Technology. Control, analysis and supervision are the factors of success of an idea and a strategy. Through innovative and integrated technological bases with the managerial ones of the Healthcare (as our system of business intelligence Pharmagundam ©) we furnish you unique tools to manage the performances of your staff. Such tools, gestibilis by web and in operation personalizzabili of the demands of every organizational trial, increase the potential of your structure and your staff, they shorten the times for verifications and analysis, points out where to focus the energies and thing must have improved. And besides they accelerate the trials allowing a vision in real time of your activity.


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6 reasons for working together


To increase the sales

Our clients increase the sales. Thanks to the help of the technological bases we are able monitorare every day the evolutions of the activity.

To increase the marginalità

Through a careful analysis of the occasions we reorganize the process of sale and purchase to assure a best marginalità and fidelizzazione of the client.

To improve the processes of job

We work on trials, roles and rules to help the people to work better always. We facilitate the trials to optimize the performances of the staff.

Possession more motivated collaborators

We teach you to motivate the collaborators and to manage the process of delegation. A motivated staff can complete unbelievable enterprises.


We take to heart every firm

We take there to heart the success of the people and our firms clients. We devote with passion our energies for the growth of all the people of the staff.


To reach your objectives

Your objectives of growth and improvement are ours. We hock there to win with you the challenges that the market introduces us with the maximum attention to the ethics and the values.


Our team

This is our team that devotes him every day to support our clients to realize his/her own objectives and to develop their activities;
for a best healthcare that is supported by the best professionists.