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With the arrival of the new drugs and the “expiry of the patent” on proprietary drugs for cheap generic drugs to become available the market has an important distributive and cultural challenges. The traditional models are not enough for facing the new challenges anymore.

The skincare market is in constantly growth, but as all the mature market need to be more specialized. To unite the aesthetics and the luxury with a scientific approach and physician will be the challenge most important for professionalizzare the sector.

To support the growth of this sector and the application of health and prevention needs to organize and to line up the people to the own vision. Being leader in the distribution through partnership with his/her own clients will do the difference.

From “suppliers of products” to health and prevention consultant, the challenge, for the pharmacies, it plays him on the ability to specialize. To do this they needs training programs to organize the job and you orchestrate useful the change to become leader of the new private health.

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The revolution of the distributive channels, for the health-food store it is the moment to understand how to become protagonists in the guardianship and of the education of the client to the comfort and the health. The client is changed and the herbalist has the possibility to occur again.

The key words of this market are and they will be the commercial sustainability of the model of enterprise and integration with physician-scientific elements, in the the light of all the new and continuous discoveries within the wellness and the health.

Pharmacy Clinics will embrace the task to develop a culture of prevention and wellbeing if they wish to ensure their place in a fascinating and challenging market with a high ethical characteristics.

For the professional studies learn how to work in team and being able to promote their own professionalism to be choose from the patients will be the new challenge. It is necessary to develop a based model of ethical and sustainable medicine on the prevention

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